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child was killed does not matter to the insurance company. They are only interested in the bottom line, or “what is it going to cost our company.” The only way to combat this attitude is to proceed forward towards trial, and if necessary, to let a jury of men and women decide the appropriate amount of money to be awarded to you, the personal injury plaintiff. These men and women of the jury are real people, they are creatures of emotion, and are not solely looking at a monetary equation. These jury members consider pain and suffering, emotional distress, and the general disruption of life that you have endured because someone else has caused you injury or caused the wrongful death of a loved one. One thing we hear too often from our clients is that other attorneys did not listen to them, did not return their phone calls, or did not take the time to understand their personal injury or wrongful death case. At Duma Law Offices, we are committed to advising you of your rights, making sure you understand your personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death case, and evaluating the extent of your damages to ensure you receive a good result. If we decide to take your case, we thoroughly investigate your accident to uncover causes and discover where liability rests. We confront employers and insurers on your behalf to activate any immediate benefits you may be entitled to. We also work with medical, economic and life care experts to determine your future medical and living expenses. We have over thirty years of trial experience, which places us in a unique position to help you if you or a loved one has been injured or killed by the negligence of another. We take this responsibility seriously and am dedicated to maximizing the recovery from your personal injury case. As trial lawyers, we are aggressive and willing to take on cases that other Personal Injury or Workers’ Compensation attorneys turn down and we are not afraid to go to trial if that is what is needed. As Kansas City personal injury lawyers, it is our job is to make things right for you. Making things right goes beyond simply getting you a fair result. Your car accident, motorcycle accident, or truck crash, wrongful death, automobile collision, or other personal injury case is as important to us as it is to you.

One of the more difficult tasks that a personal injury attorney faces is trying to put a dollar value on the tremendous pain and suffering of someone seriously injured in an accident. Even worse is when the family of someone that was killed comes to my office to discuss   the possibility of proceeding on a wrongful death case. At Duma Law Offices, we always advise our clients that no amount of money is going to compensate them for their actual loss. We want the client to know up front that the litigation process can be difficult and at times overwhelming. However, if they decided to pursue their claims we will fight with them and for them to the conclusion of the matter. Almost one hundred percent of the time the “person” or “company” on the other side of a personal injury claim is really an insurance company. First and foremost it has to be understood that an insurance company is  a corporation,  driven  solely by  profit. The fact  that  you  were  horribly  injured  or  your spouse  or

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